We perform the following measurements, tests and analyses:


Working environment testing


Emission and imission measurements


Analyses of water, sewage and sludge


Food testing


Soil analyses


Industrial testing


Waste testing


Natural environment testing


Analyses of solid fuels and waste originating from thermal processes

Our laboratories are located in Głogów, Legnica, Lubin and Polkowice and they are equipped in:

  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometers with wave and energy dispersion,
  • spark and plasma emission spectrometers,
  • atomic absorption spectrometers (flame and non-flame),
  • gas, liquid and ion chromatographs,
  • analysers of low content of oxygen, sulphur, carbon and mercury,
  • devices for microwave pulping of samples,
  • devices for sampling and measuring physical parameters at workstations,
  • devices for collecting and measuring groundwater samples (piezometers, wells),
  • automatic titrators.

Our qualified and experienced staff and modern measurement and analytical equipment guarantees high quality of services for our Customers.