Emission and imission measurements


  • measurements of emission of dust contaminants using a reference method (total dust, suspended dust),
  • measurements of emission of gas contaminants using reference methods,
  • measurements of effectiveness of operation of purifying devices,
  • determination of metal concentration in emission dust,
  • measurements of biogas from landfills, sewage treatment plants and drains,
  • tests of noise emission to the environment.



  • average daily measurements and temporary measurements of dust and gas contaminants in atmospheric air,
  • measurements of concentrations of suspended dust,
  • measurements of dust fall,
  • determination of meteorological parameters of the air: temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction,
  • determination of concentrations of: metals, tar, organic substances, inorganic substances in dusts.


To perform these measurements we use:

  • dust meter sets (EMIOTEST 2594, dust meters P10ZA),
  • gas analyser HORIBA PG-250C,
  • gas analyser MADUR GA 40T plus,
  • biogas analyser LMSxi, typ G4.18,
  • automatic aspirators ASP-2,
  • automatic dust samplers for suspended dust, type PP1-A and SKYPOST PM/HV with PM10 probes