Working environment testing

Professional work environment measurements require an appropriate approach and the right knowledge. The CBJ team of experts quickly and effectively investigates the occurrence of harmful factors of various kinds. In accordance with the applicable legal rules and regulations, they carry out measurements of electromagnetic fields, noise, energy consumption and local dust, among others. A comprehensive research approach means that the work environment measurements carried out by the CBJ team of experts have been valued by customers for many years. The trust of our partners is also the result of the highest quality of the services we offer in the field of measurement and analysis technology. For this reason, the largest Polish companies operating in various sectors, such as mining, trade or energy, cooperate with us.

Tests and measurements – harmful factors that occur in the working environment include:

  • measurements of exhaust gases emitted from diesel engines, measured as elemental carbon (EC),
  • measurements of dust levels, including: concentration of total dust, respirable dust and free crystalline silica,
  • measurements of PAH in the air,
  • measurements of electromagnetic fields,
  • evaluation of computer stations,
  • measurements of effectiveness of ventilation,
  • measurements of metal concentration in the air,
  • measurements of concentration of toxic substances in the air,
  • measurements of lighting, including luminance,
  • noise level measurements,
  • noise spectrum measurements to select hearing protection,
  • measurements of microclimate (cold, warm, moderate),
  • measurements of energy expenditure.